Asta Furniture, Inc., located in Carrollton, Texas, is established by the people with more than 30 years experience in the furniture industry.  We offer only the better quality Teak and Metal Furniture. imported from Taiwan and Indonesia.  The principle of Asta Furniture is the founder of Midas-Lin in Taiwan and China, and also the founder of Innova Hearth and Home California.  Both Midas-Lin and Innova have been the major players of Cast Aluminum and Iron Patio Benches in the US market for more than twenty years.  After many years of struggling and fighting for endless lower price in China, we decided to leave China and walked away from the big volume mass market.  Since then, we have been looking for opportunities to develop some good furniture lines we would enjoy ourselves and be proud of it.  Finally we moved to Indonesia and spent seven years there to locate the good Teak Furniture factories we need, to study the Teak Wood supply in Indonesia, and to understand the strength and the weakness of Indonesian furniture industry.  We would like to focus on the products with better designs, better quality and better value.  Teak and Metal Furniture seems to be a good answer to us.  We are not there yet, so we are still working very hard to improve ourselves, and we know we will be there slowly, eventually and definitely.  We may not be big, but we will be always better.  ASTA - YOUR SUSTAINABLE SOURCE

Check out our Anthology Spa Collection, Spateak Collections and Bosa Collection.